Hearing Aid Services

Video Otoscopy

We use state-of-the-art equipment that includes a video otoscopy. A video otoscope is a tiny camera that we use to look deep inside your ear canal. We are looking to see if there is a blockage of wax or other debris. Ensuring we can see your eardrum clearly. We are looking to ensure it all is normal and we have a clear pathway for sound to get to a healthy eardrum.

Ear Cleaning

Sometimes we find wax, flakes of skin or other debris in the ear canal. If we do, we will either help you to remove it yourself, give you instructions to help us remove it for you or refer you to your healthcare provider depending on the type and severity of the blockage.

Hearing Testing

We do a few types of tests that determine the softest sounds you can hear, the loudest that are comfortable and the most comfortable listening levels. In addition, we do a test that determines if you understand the words you are asked to repeat once they are at a comfortable level as well as the softest level you can understand speech. We do a thorough group of tests to give us a broad view of your hearing and understanding of speech.

Hearing Aid Repair

We can clean any hearing aids and can repair most. We don’t charge you to look at hearing aids to determine if they can/should be fixed. We will always give you a quote on the cost before the work is done so you can decide if you want to do the repair.

Hearing Aid Programming

We have the software and equipment to program most of the major brands of hearing aids. If we don’t have the software and can get it, we will get it. The cost for programming is included in the price of the hearing aids. If you did not purchase them from us, there will be a charge for the programming. We can give you a quote before the work begins.

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