About Us

Meet The Provider/Owner

Lisa is a 3rd generation native Phoenician. She began her career in the hearing aid industry in 2004 where she had the unique opportunity of apprenticing with three mentors, each with their own unique talents and strengths. This gave her a broad base of knowledge and experience. After completing the International Hearing Society’s course as well as working daily in the field, Lisa passed her 8-hour licensing exam on the first try. Being a single mom of 3 boys she knew she had to perform well, and she did! After two years in the field, she became board certified. She became a mentor to 8 apprentices at different times in her career. After studying and working with her, each one passed their exam on their first try. Henry Smith owner/founder of America Hears once said,” Have Lisa do it. She is bright, quick and not afraid of anything!”

She took every opportunity she could to learn and grow in the industry and was instrumental in creating and opening hearing centers for Purtone, Sam’s Club, Barnet, Dulaney, Perkins Eye Centers and Premier Hearing. She has a reputation for being a leader and for caring first. She believes that if you listen and truly care about the patient, a relationship can be formed, and miracles can happen.

She says, “I love to be able to improve the quality of my patients’ lives. Where else can I influence every waking moment of every day of a life? Hearing has a profound effect on every relationship, including our own self esteem. We have an obligation as providers to help those who come to us with a loss. We need to educate them as to their options and show how much better their lives can be.”

Meet Derek

Derek Galliher a 4th generation Phoenician, and Lisa’s son. While technically new to the industry, he has been around it for 15 years. He even helped Lisa (our other provider) study for her licensing exam. Derek has had a very diverse career in the medical field. He started as a Nursing Assistant at 16 and worked everywhere from hospitals, assisted living centers, to in home care.

From there, he began a career as an Emergency Medical Technician doing ambulance work while in college and moved on to an Emergency Room Technician while finishing his 4 year degree. We are glad to have him and enjoy the benefit of his diverse experience.